Do It Yourself: Printable Luau Invites

blue hawaiian image by William Berry from

Luaus are bright and exciting parties to hold for any occasion, from a birthday to a graduation, family reunion or just a summer gathering. When you are planning a luau, choose invitations that include bright colors and tropical images, including flowers, palm trees or hula girls. Printable invitations are ideal because all you need to pay for are the paper and printer ink, plus you can put them together without even leaving your home. Choose from one of many free printable luau invitations available to download, or make your own on your computer.

Ready-Made Invitations

Download a free printable luau invitation to your computer from a website (see Resources for a few options).

Open the luau invitation file on your computer.

Print one copy of the invitation to ensure it is the size you expected. Most printable invitations are sized so they will fit in a common envelope.

Print the invitations on card stock. If the invitation you chose prints two to a page, divide the number of invitations you need by two to calculate how many pages to print.

Cut the invitations apart from each other if more than one is printed to a page. Also, if your paper is larger than the invitations you need, trim the edges to cut the invitations to a size that will fit in your envelopes.

Fill in the party details by hand with a pen. Most invitations include spaces for the occasion, date, time, location and RSVP information.

Make Your Own

Open a desktop publishing program on your computer. Set up the document so it will print either four invitations to a page for postcard-sized invitations or two to a page to make larger invitations or invitations to fold in half.

Import luau-themed clip art or photos and arrange them in the document as you would like.

Create a text box and type in all the party information. Change the size and font of the text to something easy to read that visually fits with your images.

Print one copy of your invitation and proofread it, checking that all the information is accurate and the images displayed as you expected.

Print all of your invitations on card stock. Divide the number of invitations you need by four to calculate how many pages to print with four invitations to a page, or divide by two if you have only two invitations to a page.

Cut the invitations apart and put them in envelopes to distribute to guests.