Do It Yourself Bachelorette Party Games

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Creating games to use for a bachelorette party is very easy. Put in a little preparation before the party and you will end up with plenty of fun options for the special event. Double-check with the bride to see what style of games she wants. Some brides are okay with more risqué games while others prefer to play party games that are less sexual in nature.

Pin the Macho on the Man

Print out a poster sized picture of a male model in his underwear. If you are throwing a more risqué party, you can always leave out the underwear. Cut out cardboard circles and paint each one to look like a bulls-eye. Start with a small red circle, then alternate white and red rings to the edge of the circle. Make a bulls-eye target for each party guest. Play the game in the same manner as "Pin the Tail on the Donkey." Blindfold each girl in turn, spin her around a few times and tell her to "Pin the Macho on the Man." Be ready for lots of laughs over just where the bulls-eyes end up.

Truth or Dare: Hold the Truth

Play this game similar to Truth or Dare, but just do the dares. Make a list of embarrassing things for the bride-to-be and the other attendees to do throughout the party. Put each dare on a small note card for when you are ready to play. Some ideas can be for a guest to get a guy to buy her a drink or sing a karaoke song at a non-karaoke bar. You will want to have cameras ready whenever a member of the party has to complete a dare.

Scavenger Hunt

Buy little trinkets before the party to hide in different places and force the bride to do a scavenger hunt. For the items she has to find, try one of three options: all risqué items, simple candies or actual gifts she can use like lotions, candles and other items to use on the honeymoon. If you are having a house party, write out creative clues for the scavenger hunt. If the bachelorette party will be held out on the town, talk to staff at the party location to get them in on the fun.

Bridal Veil

This game is played similarly to the popular bridal gown game played at showers. It works especially well for a bachelorette party that is out in public, but is still fun either way. You will need to divide the group into teams of three or four people and have at least two rolls of toilet paper for each team. Tell the girls their goal is to create a veil for the bride to wear for the rest of the evening. Be sure to set a time limit for the game. Have the bride choose the winning veil, which she must wear no matter what.