How to Do a Cheap Wedding in Hawaii

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People of all types enjoy the adventure of getting married on the islands. It is important to understand that many tourist areas in Hawaii can be expensive when it comes to planning a wedding, but that does does not have to be the case with proper planning. Just like any other place in the world, Hawaii has hidden bargains and deals that you can find with a bit of smart planning.

Work with a travel agent to arrange to plan your wedding during times of the year where travel is not as heavy. Plan to fly in May or June to take advantage of non-peak travel months. This will help you get better rates on plane fare. Consult your travel professional about group rates that offer discounts. Group rates are often available at hotels as well. Ask about packages that combine flights and hotels together to multiply your savings.

Plan to get married at a location that you don't have to rent. Hotels and resorts can be very expensive in regard to using to their facilities. State parks in Hawaii may need to be reserved, but they do not charge use fees. Visit places such as Diamond Head Overlook Park, Waialae Beach Park and Kapiolani Beach and Waikiki to look for a setting that can accommodate your wedding party and give you the setting that you desire.

Utilize the location well. If you find a place with a tropical backdrop, you will be able to spend less on flowers and other decorations. Nature will effectively take care of that for you. Hold your wedding at sunset to take advantage of a free setting provided by nature.

Shop local outdoor markets on the islands for special prices on local flowers and plants. Buy hibiscus, Hawaii's state flower, orchids and the plumeria to add color. Select plants and flowers that are native to the islands for a more authentic feel.

Speak with local catering companies about catering your wedding. Hotels and resorts can be expensive when it comes to catering, but many local companies can arrange for you to have traditional meals prepared right on a beach for a much lower price. Native Hawaiians will be more accustomed to local meals and traditions than places looking only for tourist dollars.

Shop local entertainment companies for help in planning the music and other entertainment for your wedding. Polynesian dance troupes, hula dancers and fire-jugglers that are island-trained and not attached to a resort or hotel will give you the best rate possible since they are not paying a fee to the hotel to perform there.