DIY Wee Brown Bunny Treat Bags

Jelly beans and chocolate coins? Truffles or candy eggs? What would you tuck into these embroidered treat bags for Easter? A gift card, a matchbox car, or a marshmallow bunny? Whatever you choose, it’ll make a fun treat, and these adorable bags, tied with twine and a hand-written tag, make perfect decorations for the holiday table!

They’re simple and easy to make. Download the “Wee Brown Bunny embroidery PDF here. After printing, tape the design to a well-lit window. Fold an 8-inch by 6.25-inch rectangle of linen in half (so that it’s now 4 inches across and 6.25 inches tall with the fold on the left side.) Unfold, and center the bunny design on the right half of linen, about 1.25 inches from the bottom. Trace the design with pencil. To embroider Wee Brown Bunny onto your linen, use two strands of brown floss and stitch entirely in backstitch. The next step – sewing the treat bags – will literally only take a minute!

Start by cutting a piece of binding 8 inches long or make your own. (To make your own, cut a strip of fabric 8 inches by 2 inches and press with a hot iron in half lengthwise. Then press both raw edges in towards the center fold.) Sew the binding across the top of the linen rectangle. Now, fold the linen rectangle in half again (make sure bunny’s on the inside) and sew a quarter-inch seam along the side and bottom.

Next, zig-zag stitch the raw edges to prevent fraying. Turn your bag right side out… finished! Fill it with goodies and tie with twine or ribbon. Add a small tag if you like.

I think what I love best about these treat bags is that they’re so simple and easy, you can make them in multiples, so everyone gets one!

P.S. I think a wee brown chick and lamb might be in order, too… What do you think?