DIY Record Inspired Treats for Your Rad Dad

Looking for a Father’s Day surprise worthy of your rad dad? Look no further than these record cupcake toppers and soda labels! These easy-to-make treats are perfect for your music-loving, record-collecting pop!

Materials you’ll need to make the Record Cupcake Toppers:

Black Licorice Wheels
Fruit Chews (Such as Airheads)


Break off a small piece of your chewy fruit candy. Soften the candy by rolling it in your hands or heating in the microwave for 5-8 seconds. Roll into a ball and then flatten into a disc. Press the disc into the center of your licorice wheel.

Simply place your candy records on top of your cupcakes and they are ready to go!

The perfect way to serve these, of course, is atop a record! Just make sure you don’t take one of Dad’s prized ones!

And now for the perfect drink to pair with those cupcakes!

Materials you’ll need to make the Record Soda Labels:

Round Labels — Mine are 3″. You can purchase these at a paper or office supply store.
Letter Stickers — These can also be purchased at an office supply store.
Markers — Black and your desired color for the center of the record, if you’re labels are white.
Old Fashioned Soda Bottles — Labels soaked and removed


Start by coloring you label black, leaving a small circle in the center uncolored. My labels were already a color so I left the center as is. But if you are using white labels, use a second color to color in the the center of the record.

Use your letter stickers to spell out “Rad Dad” or another message on the record. I recommend starting with the middle letters and working your way out to make sure everything is even and centered!

Adhere your label to the soda bottle and serve with your cupcakes!

All Photos: Kelly Lanza