DIY: Birthday Card Ideas

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Make the next birthday card you give personal by making it yourself. Though you can find sentimental cards in the grocery store or stationery shop, it means a bit more when you do it yourself. Get creative with the cards and add a range of textures, from cut-out pieces of felt and lace or by adding three-dimensional elements to the front of the card.

Photo Birthday Card

A homemade birthday card becomes special when you place a photo of you and the birthday person front and center. Fold a piece of card stock in half. Cut a hole in the front of the card large enough that the picture shows through. Ideally, the hole should be about 1/2 inch smaller than the picture on all sides so you can tape the picture in place. Glue a satin ribbon to the edges of the picture on the front of the card to make it look nicer. Use your best writing to write "Happy Birthday!" on the card's front. Write a note inside the card or include a poem.

Popping Card

Build a surprise into your card by making it a pop-up card. Fold the card stock in half and decorate the front. Choose a birthday-relevant image, such as a wrapped present, party hat or piece of cake, and cut it out of a magazine or print it off of your computer. Fold a strip of paper like an accordion. Glue one end of the accordion strip to the back side of the image and the other end to the inside of the card. Close the card. When you open it again, the picture should pop out at you. Write a line inside that card that relates to the image. For example, if you put a picture of a hat in the card, write something such as "Hats off to you on your birthday!"

Fuzzy Card

Cut a piece of felt or other textured fabric into a shape, such as a cupcake or flower. Keep the shape on the small side, no larger than 3 inches square. Fold the card stock in half and glue the fabric shape to the front. Under the shape, write "happy birthday." You want to keep the card simple, because you want to showcase the fabric's texture. Inside the card, write a note to the birthday person.

Pretty Floral Cards

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If you plan ahead, you can make a birthday card using pressed flowers. For best results, use a flower with a flat blossom, such as a pansy. Press the flowers between the pages of a heavy book, such as a dictionary, for a few weeks until they're dried. Fold a sheet of card stock. Carefully lift the pansy and center it on the front of the card. Use more than one flower and arrange the blossoms and dried stems to make a bouquet on the card's front. Attach the bouquet to the card using the smallest amount of glue possible. Let the glue dry completely before writing on the card.