Directions to Dye the Tips of Your Hair

by Amy Davidson ; Updated September 28, 2017

Dyeing your hair doesn’t have to be as basic as an all-over color. It doesn’t even have to be highlights either. One fun idea for dyeing your hair is to only dye the tips of your hair, which can be a subtle, yet funky look anyone can try. If you want to try dyeing the tips of your hair, to get an interesting new look, learn how to dye just the bottom.

Throw on an old T-shirt or wrap an old towel around your shoulders to prevent dyeing clothing. Also set out an old towel on the floor to prevent dye stains on the floor.

Pull your hair into two pigtails, making sure that your part goes down the center of your head, to ensure pigtails are relatively even. Secure the pigtails close to your ears, so that they will lie in front of our shoulders, not behind them. Make sure you secure them in about the same spot on either side of your head.

Put on gloves and mix your dye in your mixing bowl, using your applicator brush. Follow the directions on your dye box, as each dye is different, and some don’t even require any mixing of separate ingredients.

Take your first pig tail and pull it straight in front of you. Hold it in the palm of your hand and apply dye to the tips working up a few inches; repeat this step with your other pigtail.

Look in a mirror and decide if you want to dye tips further up. If so continue dyeing slowly only a few inches at a time, to avoid going up too far.

Check to make sure your two sides are about even in relation to how far up your hair they go. Hold pigtails in front of you, meeting in the center of your face, which helps, and also look into the mirror. If they aren’t even, touch up with your brush until they are.

Let dye set for the allotted amount of time; then rinse and dry hair.


  • You can also have a friend come over, help and provide another opinion as to whether dye is even. This type of dyeing is fun to use with bold or unnatural colors like pinks, reds, purples and blues, as it’s a fun way to do a funky look and still be subtle. If you have very dark hair, you may need to bleach tips first to lighten them enough to take the dye color.

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