Direct Selling Party Game Ideas

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Direct sales parties are designed to create lively energy among guests while also generating sales and future bookings. Players who win coupons are more likely to purchase an item and guests who have a lot of fun are more likely to host a party of their own. For maximum results, play games that break the ice, demonstrate products, educate guests on becoming a consultant and garner more bookings.

Know Your Neighbor

Have the guests sit in a circle. Instruct the players to state their first and last names, along with something about themselves (“My name is Cindy Jordan and I am a nurse,” or “My name is Lily Grover and I am addicted to coffee.") Once everyone has made her statement, choose one player to stand in the middle of the circle and be “It.” This person then points to a random player. The person she selects then has ten seconds to give the first and last name and the fact about the person to her left or right (the "It" guest chooses which side). If the player remembers the information correctly, she gets a prize and selects the next person to be “It.” If the player fails, she becomes “it.” Continue play until everyone has had a turn to guess.


Create blank tick-tack-toe sheet cards ahead of time on your home computer or hand out blank pieces of paper with pens and ask guests to draw their own tick-tack-toe board. Explain that you will now begin your product demonstration and that they should write down the names of items that they like in the blank spaces of their cards or sheets. When the demo is done, have the hostess read off the items she has listed. Players will then cross off matching items. The first person to cross off three boxes in a row must call out “I LOVE (name of company)!” That person wins a prize.

Let's Make a Deal

Print four coupons for savings on the purchase of items (you choose the amounts) and seal each of them inside an envelope. Also, wrap a few inexpensive game prizes and place them in a basket. Ask the hostess to choose one envelope and start passing it around the room. Turn your back to the crowd so you can’t see who has the envelope and randomly call for them to stop. The person holding the envelope wins coupon inside, but tell her not to open it yet because you have a deal to offer her. Ask her if she would like to keep her envelope, trade for another envelope or switch for a prize in the basket. Once she makes her selection, offer her another deal, where she may trade for double what is in her envelope or two prizes from the basket if she books a party to help out the party hostess. If she chooses not to book a party, she may keep the item in her hand. She is now out of the game and the next envelope goes into play. The game is repeated until all four deals have been made.