Difference Between Lash Enhancements & Lash Extensions

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When you start investigating ways to create fuller, longer, more bountiful lashes, you may find yourself a bit confused by the terminology of different products and services. Extensions and enhancements are not the same thing, though both enhance the appearance of your fluttery eye fringe. Become familiar with your options and the associated jargon for an easy, streamlined adventure into amping up your eyelashes.


When you hear the term "eyelash extensions" this refers specifically to the false eyelashes that professionals glue onto your eyelids. While the idea is similar to individual false lashes you apply yourself with the product and glue purchased from the drugstore, the quality of the materials and the application process is much higher quality when performed by professionals. The glue is long-lasting -- you can sleep, shower and live through hot summers in lashes applied with it.

Tool-Based Enhancement

When you're looking for a way to make your lashes a bit more obvious and feminine without adding anything to them -- whether makeup or extensions -- enhance them through the simplest method possible. Curl your eyelashes with an eyelash curler. This metal contraption includes a rubber pad and clamps down on your top lashes, gently curling them upwards. Wear them curled and bare or curled with mascara for a more wide-eyed appearance.

Short-Term Enhancement

For the appearance of extra volume, longer lashes, darker lashes or all of the above, a more cost-effective, short term option for enhancement is mascara. In a variety of colors, formulations and options for regular or waterproof, this enhancement creates the look of more prominent lashes but the look washes off at the end of the day. For even more enhanced lashes, use a mascara primer to prep each hair before applying mascara. In addition, if you have a steady hand, you can create the look of extensions by using drugstore-bought individual lash extensions -- however, you'll need to take them off at the end of the day. For the illusion of thicker lashes, add a black line of eyeliner along your top lashes -- it's that simple.

Long-Term Enhancement

If what you're looking for is a permanent change to help enhance the look of your eyelashes, take a long-term approach. For example, for your own longer lashes, you can start by applying a lash conditioner available at beauty supply stores or drugstores. However, for the most powerful means of achieving longer, thicker lashes, check into prescription products that you apply to the skin at the base of your eyelashes, which encourages growth.