How to Deal With Separation From Your Husband

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Separating from the man you thought you'd be with forever can be devastating. Splitting up with your husband, although heartbreaking, often leads to a period of self-examination and growth. Whether your marriage ends or endures, a separation gives both parties time to figure out what they want from the relationship and from life. Handle a separation gracefully and with minimal drama by focusing on your own health and well-being first and foremost. Only when you take care of your mind and body can you heal your wounded heart.

Step 1

Assure your children that you and your husband both love them and will do whatever they need to help them survive the transition. It's okay if they see you sad and angry; it's not okay if they feel that you're ignoring them.

Step 2

Take extra good care of yourself during this time. Eat healthy meals, get enough sleep and treat yourself to a hot bubble bath before bed. Meditation or prayer can also help calm and center your mind.

Step 3

Exercise daily, even if it's just a walk around the block. Show yourself that you can do something physical you may not have thought you could do, whether it's a handstand in yoga or running a 5K race.

Step 4

Cultivate your friendships. Call your friends regularly and let them know you'd like to be included when they go out. Don't be afraid to ask them to come over when you're in distress, or to ask if you can go to their place.

Step 5

Feed your mind. Learn something new, whether it takes the form of reading a book you've always wanted to read or taking a college class. Listen to good music, watch important films and resist the urge to curl up on the couch watching sitcom reruns.

Step 6

See a therapist if you're really hurting. When you're so depressed you're having trouble getting out of bed, you need a qualified psychiatrist or psychologist to turn to. If the first one doesn't click, go to another until you find one who does. Your mental health is too important to leave unattended.