Cute Things to Put in Notes to Your Boyfriend

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Whether you want to leave a note in your boyfriend's briefcase or in his lunch to show him you are thinking about him during the day, you can use creative ways to show him you care. Instead of just saying "I love you," remind him of reasons why you love him.

Share Memories

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Use a short note to remind your boyfriend of some of your favorite times together. Tell him about your romantic weekend away at a bed and breakfast last summer, or the first time you slow danced at the bar together. Share the most intimate details you remember to make him long to see you.


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Write quotes or song lyrics in the note to your boyfriend that remind you of him. For example, quote a song about how much you love him or a song that was playing during your first date. Write a note just with a quote about love to stick in his lunch or quote something funny the two of you said.


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Instead of using your boyfriend's name in the letter, use a nickname only the two of you know. Pet names are one way to show affection and that you care. Also include inside jokes that no one gets besides you. This may include referencing that weird neighbor down the street or laughing about a joke you shared while watching a TV show last night.


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Draw a picture instead of saying anything in words. Use small doodles if you are not an artist to show what you want to say. If you can draw, use details. Create a code your boyfriend has to decode with a key if you are looking for a fun way to send him a message. This is fun for people of all ages.

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