What Are Some Cute Compliments for a Girl to Give a Boy?

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All compliments should be genuine, but that doesn't mean they can't also be spiced up to make them funny or cute -- especially if you are a girl complimenting a boy. While boys like to be told that they are attractive -- in subtle and original ways -- they also want to hear that you are impressed with their personalities, abilities and accomplishments. Be creative when you deliver compliments by choosing your words carefully -- and a guy will be impressed that you took the time to craft praise just for him.

Unusual Words

If you want a guy to appreciate your compliment, deliver the message in a way that seems tailored just for him. For example, greeting a boy with the words "hey, handsome" or "hey, hot stuff" shows in a playful way that you find him attractive. If your guy looks great all dressed up, don't just say he looks "good" or "nice"; call him "dapper," "dashing" or "suave." If he has been making progress at the gym, use the word "buff," "strapping" or "herculean." To go beyond appearance, consider telling him that he is the "life of the party," a "chess genius" or a "track star." Be creative with your words and choose cute phrases that will linger in his mind.

Different Languages

If you want to add a little punch to your compliment, consider borrowing adjectives from another language. A "Glamour" magazine reader comments that she likes to call her boyfriend "super guapo" -- "guapo" is the Spanish word for handsome. This cute compliment can easily be extended to other languages. "Super bello" (Italian), "super beau" (French) and "super gut aussehend" (German) would be some other options. Take the second language compliment a step further with compliments beyond his looks. For example, "chico divertido," "buen cocinero" and "muy inteligente" mean, respectively, "funny guy," "good cook" and "very intelligent" in Spanish.

Inside Jokes

Another way to offer a cute compliment is to make a play on words or borrow from an inside joke. For example, another "Glamour" reader says she tells her boyfriend he's "saxy," because he plays the saxophone in the band at church. If the guy that you know is a whiz at math, you could call him the "human calculator." Your guy will appreciate knowing the compliment was designed just for him.

Celebrity Comparisons

Consider comparing your guy to a celebrity. For example, call him "cuter than Channing Tatum" -- or whichever celebrity he knows you find attractive. Your guy might not believe you, and there might even be a bit of a white lie involved, but the message you are sending is still good. Similarly, you could compliment his golfing prowess by referring to him as Tiger Woods, his intellect by calling him Einstein or his wit by commenting that he reminds you of Jim Carrey. The idea is to choose a celebrity who embodies a particular quality -- and let your guy know he reminds you of that person.