Cross-Country Banquet Decorating

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Many high school sports teams, including cross country, celebrate the end of the sports season with a special banquet. These banquets, often held in the school gym or cafeteria, are designed to honor student runners, announce award winners and to recognize the coaches for all of their hard work. With a few props and party supplies, a standard cross-country banquet can become all the more festive and memorable.

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Arrange the seating so that the coach, assistant coach and team captain and co-captain are seated in a prominent position. Add a special touch to designate their seats, such as tying helium balloons in school colors to their seat backs or propping a school ball cap on their place settings.

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Cover banquet tables with cloth or plastic tablecloths in the team or school colors. Create centerpieces on each table by assembling cross-country-related items into a cluster. Arrange four or five trophies, for example, in the center of the table and drape the trophies with cross-country medals or competition ribbons.

Drape clean cross-country jerseys over the podium and hang them around the room to add color and to remind the team how hard they worked during the season. Ask the school photographer or a parent to provide photos from the season. Tape photos to the wall, between jerseys, as well as copies of any news clippings covering the season from the school paper or a local paper.

Ask the school's parent-teacher association or a similar organization to donate small gifts to serve as party favors. Arrange the gifts, such as school pencils or spirit rags printed with the school's mascot, on each place setting.

Cut costs and recycle by sharing flowers, plants, centerpieces or other special decorations being used by other sports teams.