Crochet Braided Hairstyles

Adding synthetic hair to augment your own hair using weaves or crochet braids is a styling trend that allows women with short hair to enjoy having longer hair without the discomfort of wearing a wig. Using crocheted hairstyles can stress the scalp but it can also protect your natural hair while you are growing it out. While applying a weave can be time-consuming and difficult to do for yourself, you can create your own crochet braided hairstyles.

Planning the Hairstyle

All crochet braided hairstyles begin with cornrows in the natural hair. Before you create your cornrows, decide on your finished style. This will determine the placement of the cornrows. The rows should be spaced evenly apart, closer together for increased body. You can choose from straighter hair with loose curls or tightly curled or twisted hair. Most synthetic hair is prepackaged in 36-inch lengths which can be used as is or cut into shorter lengths, with 18 inches and 9 inches being most common.

Deep Pony Style

Create many small cornrows running from your hairline in front toward the crown of your hair. Using the crochet hook, attach 36- or 18-inch hair to your cornrows beginning at the crown of your head. The resulting style will look as if you have gathered your hair into a pony tail at the crown and allowed it to cascade in curls down the back of your head and shoulders.

Paula Braid

To create a Paula braid, part your hair down the middle using a zigzag part. Using the crochet hook, attach hair along all of the cornrows working your way toward the top of the head. The resulting style will look as if you have long hair.

Dreamed Hair

For dreamed hair, create cornrows as in the deep pony style. Instead of beginning your crochet additions at the crown of your head, begin at your hairline. When finished, use a wide headband near your hairline.