Creative Ideas for a Tool Themed Birthday Party

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The tool theme can bring out the handyman in everyone. Whether the guest of honor is a child who loves building or an adult with a handy talent, many tool party ideas add to the fun. Adding tool-related items to all areas of the party planning emphasizes the theme. Keep in mind the specific tool-related interests of the guest of honor when planning the party.


Homemade party invitations allow you to make a customized design that fits the tool party. Several ideas work well for the tool theme. Cardstock cut into the shape of tools or a tool box is a simple option. You can also cut a rectangle of cardstock and decorate it with tool stickers. Another option is to take a picture of the guest of honor wearing a tool belt and tools. Use the picture as the invitation with the party details written on the back.


You can have a tool party at any venue. For a themed option, a large garage works well because you get the workshop ambiance that relates to the tool theme. If the garage is large enough, you can set up tables inside for lunch. This also gives you easy access to the yard if you're planning outside activities.


Real toolboxes make simple party centerpieces for a tool-themed party. You can find inexpensive plastic tool boxes at most home improvement stores. Simply tie balloons to the handle, tuck tissue paper inside or fill the toolboxes with real or toy tools to complete the centerpieces. You can have a raffle at the end of the party and give the toolboxes as the prizes.


Cardboard cutouts of tools work well for wall decorations. After drawing the tool shapes on cardboard and cutting them out, use paint to add the details. Hang the tool cutouts on the walls in the party room. Another option is to paint both sides of the cardboard tools and suspend them from the ceiling. You can also rent orange constructions cones and use caution tape to decorate your party space.

Party Food

A sandwich-building station allows the party guests to "build" their own sandwiches, following the construction theme, while a toolbox-themed cake adds a sweet finish to the party food and is simple to make. Just stack sheet cakes to create the toolbox shape and add a layer of icing and details, such as the handle and closure made from fondant, to finish the cake. Toy tools placed around the toolbox cake are also a nice touch.

Games and Entertainment

A tool belt relay is a simple game for the party. Each team should have a tool belt and several tools. The players should form two lines and the first person in each line should put on the tool belt, fill it with the tools and run the relay course. Once the first person completes the relay, he should then unload the tools and pass the tool belt to the next person. This continues until the entire team is finished. Building zones are another simple option for young kids. The zones should each have a different type of building activity such as building with blocks, a sandbox with excavation toys and a bridge-building area using toothpicks and marshmallows as the building materials.


Tool-themed favors round out the construction party. Party supply stores often sell foam or plastic hard hats that work well as party favors. Other assorted tool items such as stickers, toy tools and coloring books related to the theme are also good options. Turn the hard hats upside down and tuck the other favors inside for a creative presentation.