Creative Homecoming Asking Ideas

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Homecoming is a high school dance. It's an exciting time but can be nerve-wracking. If you decide to ask someone out in a creative way, you can have fun with it and take off some of the pressure.

Baked Goods

Ask your date out using baked goods. Bake a cake and write the question in frosting on top of the cake or buy an extra large cookie and ask the company to write the question in frosting on the top. Remember to find her when she's alone so you're not as embarrassed to ask, and to give her the cake or cookie at the end of the school day so she's not lugging it around all day.


Balloons are a colorful and festive way to ask a girl to homecoming. You can make it a game by writing one word on a piece of paper and placing it in the balloon for inflating. Together, all of the words should make a sentence asking her out. You could also ask her out by just giving her the balloons and asking the question, or asking her on the card you give with the balloons.

Public Asks

If you're feeling brave, consider asking her in a public way. It's romantic, and she'll appreciate the gesture. For example, you could make a poster asking her and place the poster in the middle of the school where all of her classmates are likely to spot it. Or you could decorate her locker with streamers and write a sign asking her out somewhere on the locker. Before doing these kinds of things, consider her personality and whether this is something she would be comfortable with.

Other Ideas

Create a treasure hunt. Start by giving her a clue to another location; in that location is another clue, and so on. At the end, write a note asking her to go to Homecoming with you. A homemade pinata stuffed with candy and a note asking her out is another creative and fun way to ask a date to the dance.