Cool Ways to Wear a Bandanna

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Bandannas are a great, low-cost, versatile accessory to add to nearly any outfit. They're easy to find, relatively cheap, and come in so many colors and patterns. You should easily be able to find one to go with your outfit. But it's not enough to just own them. You need to know the coolest ways to wear a bandanna to get the most out of this fashion accessory.

Over the Head

This is a classic, but it doesn't mean it isn't a cool way to wear a bandanna. To pull it off, take your bandanna and fold it in half into a triangle. Put the folded part of the bandanna up to your head, above your eyebrows. Use one hand to make sure the part of the triangle above your hair comes down to the back of your head and leaving it in place. Then, bring the two ends around the sides of your head into the back, tying them into a knot above the other edge, holding it in place.

As a Headband

Made popular by some rap artists, wearing a bandanna in a headband style will definitely give you the cool look you're going for. Start again by folding your bandanna in half into a triangle. Now, starting at the folded point of the bandanna, begin folding it in towards the long end, approximately one inch at a time. At the end you should have a long strip, with two ends. Place the middle of the strip on your forehead and tie those two ends behind your head using a double knot -- and you've got a bandanna headband.

Wild West Style

Wearing a bandanna over your mouth and nose, like a bandit from the wild west, is a timelessly cool style. This is a really easy look to pull of. Again, fold the bandanna in half so you have a triangle. Tie the two ends together around your neck, loosely, with the triangle part pointed down toward your toes. Then just slide the knot up until the hanging triangle is in front of your nose and mouth. Alternatively, you can just wrap the triangle over your mouth and nose and tie the knot behind your head instead of sliding it up.

On you Wrist

Bandannas aren't just for your head. Wearing a bandanna on your wrist is easy and a good way to add to an outfit. Start just like you have before, by folding the bandanna in half into a triangle. Like before with the headband look, take the edge of the triangle and fold it into itself toward the base of the triangle, resulting in a long strip. Put your wrist in the middle of the strip, and wrap the bandanna around your wrist both ways. Take the remainder, wrap it around again, and then either tuck the two ends into your wristband or tie it, making certain that it is snug but not too tight