Cool Ways to Tie Converse

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Converse sneakers are the classic American athletic shoe. Since 1908, the company has been producing sneakers that have stood the test of time, including the now famous Chuck Taylor All-Stars. Both the high-top and low-top versions of Converse sneakers can be tied in all sorts of ways to add a special touch to the shoe. Try buying laces in bright colors to make things even more interesting.

The Display

This is one the classic ways of tying converse sneakers. Start the lace on the outside bottom, feeding it inwards into the eyelets. Cross the laces over each other in an X shape and insert into the eyelets from the top. Repeat this step until you reach the top set of eyelets. Tuck the laces inside your sneakers when wearing them, providing a perfect "display" of your laces.

The Hidden Knot

This is another clean, cool style for displaying your Converse. Start the lace at the bottom of the shoe and insert the laces into the eyelets from the outside in. On one side, pull the lace through from the inside on the next eyelet up and then cross the lace over, across the tongue, into the adjacent eyelet. Both laces will now be on the same side. Do the same thing with the second lace, feeding it through from the inside and crossing over the tongue. You will have to thread it through the third eyelet from the bottom instead of the second, since that eyelet will already be laced. Continue this process until the shoes is fully laced up. When you're done, both ends of the laces will be on the same side. Tie them in a knot together, inside the shoe, finishing off with a "hidden knot" of your choice.

The Checkerboard

You'll need two separate, preferably different colored laces for this style. For the purpose of these instructions, we'll say the laces are red and blue. Pull the blue lace almost entirely through from one of the bottom eyelets. Tie a knot at the end of it so that it doesn't pull through and can remain in place. Pass the lace over the top of tongue into the adjacent eyelet, from the outside in. Pull the lace from the inside out of the next eyelet up. Cross over the tongue and once again pull it through the eyelet from the outside in, repeating your original step until you have laced up the entire shoe. Tie another knot at the other end so it doesn't move. Using the red shoelace, start at the bottom of shoe and weave the red lace in and out of the blue lace. Move from the bottom of the shoe to the top and back again until you run out of space or laces, whichever comes first.