Cool Places to Get Married in Georgia

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The state of Georgia is filled with churches, chapels and other traditional locations for the perfect wedding. Although couples often choose national parks and elegant historical buildings for their wedding, there are several other cool places to get married in Georgia, including the Atlanta Aquarium or on a riverboat at Stone Mountain Theme Park Lake.

The Vecoma

The Vecoma, at the Yellow River in Atlanta for more than 50 years, is a cool place to get married for nature lovers. The Vecoma not only includes a wide area of surrounding grounds, woodlands and the Yellow River, but it also has natural wildlife living within the grounds, such as wild deer. A wedding ceremony package costs more than $3,000 and includes a three-and-a-half-hour rental of the Vecoma and grounds, the wedding meal for up to 75 guests, complete table settings and decorations, a dance floor and Vecoma staff to serve guests. Couples can purchase an open bar plan and extend the rental time of the Vecoma at an additional cost.

Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park in Atlanta has 3,200 acres with three locations for weddings. The formal garden at the Antebellum Plantation & Farmyard provides a setting for weddings on the plantation grounds. The Henry W. Grady Paddlewheel Riverboat allows wedding parties to cruise the Stone Mountain Lake in an authentic riverboat. The riverboat has a maximum capacity of 150 seated people or 300 standing individuals. The Waterfront Marina at the Stone Mountain Riverboat Marina Complex is an indoor wedding location with a capacity of up to 150 seated guests. The complex has private rooms and a large outdoor deck with views over the Stone Mountain Lake. Couples renting one of the wedding locations must use Stone Mountain Park Catering.

Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium makes a cool location for a memorable wedding. The aquarium provides a full wedding planner service and provides Wolfgang Puck Catering from the kosher kitchen. The wedding and reception area is surrounded by large illuminated tanks with varieties of fish and sea mammals. The Aquarium's lighting effects and dining decor provides unique surroundings for a wedding. The Georgia Aquarium's website features clips of previous weddings to show the full wedding backdrops available at the aquarium. The aquarium ballroom holds up to 500 guests, and wedding reception dining prices start from $38 per person, based on a minimum of 75 guests.

CNN Wedding

The cool wedding for news lovers is located in downtown Atlanta at CNN's main building. In addition to providing a tour for people who are interested in what happens behind the scenes of the news, CNN also offers a two rooms for functions and weddings. The CNN Terrace and Globe room can accommodate up to 75 guests for a cocktail reception and 50 guests for dinner; the flat rate rental fee is $3,500 for the space. The flat-rental fee for the CNN Center Atrium, which accommodates up to 500 guests, is $5,500. All drinks must be served by a licensed server; linens and silverware must be supplied by a catering or decor company; food must be served by a licensed caterer; and music is allowed with some restrictions.