How to Contour Eyebrows

by Teresa Daly
Use a magnifying makeup mirror for better precision.

Use a magnifying makeup mirror for better precision.

Your eyebrows frame two of your face's most important features. You spend time sweeping on the right eye shadows, liner and mascara, so shape and define your brows to complete the look. You'll need to keep your brows waxed or plucked into the shape you want, and then use brow makeup to finish contouring them. Stylized brows have come into focus onscreen and on the runway, so if you want your eyes to be ready for their closeup, don't skimp on the brow contouring.

Show Some Pluck

Brush your brows straight up, using a brow brush.

Trim away stray hairs with a small pair of cuticle scissors.

Place an eyeliner pencil straight up from the edge of your nose to determine where the inside edge of your eyebrow should be. Find the highest part of your eyebrow arch by holding the pencil straight up from the outside of your iris.

Draw the shape you want with a white eyeliner pencil, and use the lines as a guide while plucking.

Pluck hairs out from the bottom of your brows, starting at the inside and working outward. Then, if you think it's necessary, pluck hairs from the top, but be careful not to over-pluck, resulting in brows that are too thin.

Creating Captivating Contours

Brush your brows straight up again when you're done plucking or after you've had them waxed.

Choose an eyebrow pencil or eyeliner color close to your natural hair color. Makeup artist Carmindy of TV's "What Not to Wear" advises to use a color that's a shade darker than your darkest hair color if you have very light brows. Go a shade lighter to soften the tone if you have very dark hair. Choose an auburn or sable tone if you're a redhead. If your brows are turning gray, use taupe to brighten your eyes.

Fill in your brows with the pencil and create an even, uniform look. Go over sparse areas, but try to keep it looking natural and not too dark.

Apply clear eyebrow gel with your fingertip to hold the hairs and makeup in place.

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