Colors That Make You Look Younger

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Updating your hair color is a quick way to change your look. As women age, changes in hair and fashion should change along with maturity. What is flattering on someone as a teen is not usually appropriate for a middle-aged woman. Creating a subtle contrast and tones of color is flattering to aging skin. The goal of choosing a color that makes you look younger is to ultimately flatter your skin.


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There are tones of brown hair color that are flattering to just about anyone. From dark, chocolate brown to light, golden brown, there is a shade for everyone. One side effect of aging is that you lose pigment in your skin. Thus, it is best to lighten your hair color one or two shades. A lighter color will make you look younger. Avoid hair colors such as dark brown or black. Rather, choose a medium chocolate brown or light sandy brown.


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Blond hair is an ideal option for mature women because it adds life to the skin while also disguising gray hair. If you are a blond, or are going blond, choose a honey-blond hair color with gold tones. This shade of blond adds a rosy touch to the skin. Stay away from ash or platinum blond. Those hair colors may actually make you look older.


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A combination of multidimensional hair colors creates a youthful, natural look that will highlight your natural beauty. The best way to create this look is tone-on-tone highlights. This involves placing a mix of lowlights and highlights on top of your base color. The highlights and lowlights must be subtle. Too much of a contrast can be aging. The highlights should be within two shades of your natural color. The lowlights should be one or two shades darker than your natural hair color.