Citizen Calibre 2100 Instructions

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Citizen’s Calibre 2100 hand-assembled light-powered watch, released in 2006, comes in three different colors. Its features include a chronograph that measures up to 12 hours, a power reserve meter, an alarm, a screw-back case and crown, titanium casing, water resistance up to 666 feet, anti-glare crystal and a folding clasp (with button). The 2100 can reach a full charge in natural or incandescent light.

Set the time of your 2100 by first waiting for the Real Time second hand (the little clock at the bottom center) to hit the 12:00 mark. Then pull out the knob at the 3:00 position on the main clock two clicks. Twist the little knob clockwise. Notice the time will change with each turn of the knob. Continue rotating until you’ve reached the current time, and push the knob back in fully.

Set the calendar by pulling the 3:00 knob out only one click and turn it counter-clockwise until you’ve reached the current date. Click the 3:00 knob back into place. The Calibre 2100 calendar is always 31 days, so manual corrections need to be made for months with only 30 days.

Set the alarm by pulling out the 8:00 knob a single click and turning it clockwise to change the alarm indicator (the red hand) a half hour past and then counter-clockwise to the exact desired wake time. Push the knob back in, locking the time. Press the knob like a button to turn the alarm on and off. Note the alarm will go off every 12 hours. When the alarm sounds, turn it off with a single press of the 8:00 knob.

Utilize the 12-hour chronograph feature by very firmly pushing the top button on the right side of the watch, starting the choronograph sweep second hand (the longest, skinniest hand on the watch) off in 0.2-second increments. Stop the chronograph by pushing the 2:00 button again. Reset the chronograph by pushing the lower right button (4:00). The chronograph measuring hours is the tiny counter on the left, and the chronograph measuring minutes is the tiny counter on the right.

Refer to the Power Reserve Indicator (located at the top of the watch containing the label “Citizen”) to see how much power remains. When the arrow is pointing all the way to the right, there is roughly seven to eight months of power left. If the arrow is slightly right/center, five to seven months remain. If it’s left/center, one to five months remain, and if it’s to the far left, near the charge icon, there are about seven days of power on reserve.