Church Invitation Ideas

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Sharing your faith with others has always been an important part of the Christian church. But some people find it difficult to approach people or don't feel they know how to ask people to visit church with them. Innovative church invitations help people invite others, present them with service times and locations, and give them a visual reminder of their invitation to attend.

CD/DVD Invitations

Cutting-edge churches can provide members with an innovative CD or DVD invitation to give out to friends and family. A CD invitation should include original songs performed by the worship team and a verbal invitation from the pastor after the song or songs. An invitational DVD can be a montage of photos of the church building and it's people, video clips of special events and a warm message of invitation from the pastor.

Printed Postcard

An inexpensive invitation to church is the printed postcard. Create a postcard with service times and location, along with web address and phone number. The card should be attractive and clearly state that this invitation is from the heart of the giver and is sincere. Photos of the church building's exterior may help individuals who are unfamiliar with the area locate the building more easily. Church members with inviting smiles can grace the backside of the postcard.

Electronic Invitations

Although somewhat impersonal, email invitations allow you to invite people you may not have an address for and may not see personally on a regular basis. Create an email invitation by using a graphic program and saving the file as a .pdf or .jpg file that can be attached to a personal email. Church members can download the invitation at the church website and attach the file to emails they send to friends and families they would like to invite to church.

Hand-Written Invitations

Host an invitation making party at the church and ask members to create hand-made invitation cards. Supply cardstock, glue sticks and scrapbook accessories for members to use in their creations. When the party is over, allow everyone to take some invitations home with them to give out to friends and neighbors along with a hand-written note. Be sure to clearly state the time and location of the services on the invitation.