Church Bazaar Fundraiser Ideas

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Come up with church bazaar fundraiser ideas that will be a hit in the community and put needed money in your congregation's coffers. Churches hold annual bazaars to raise money for their outreach programs, ministries and other operations. Church bazaars are events that combine socializing, food, refreshments, games and other activities.

Choir Concert

Organize a choir concert. Charge people an admission to see the groups perform. In addition to featuring your church's choir, invite other church choirs to perform at the event. Inviting more choirs will give the event a broader appeal, resulting in more visitors and more money raised in the end. Feature choirs in different age groups. Establishing categories in different singing styles will also attract a broader audience. Feature choirs that sing gospel, Christian, Christian rock and other forms of church music. Award cash prizes and trophies to the winning choirs.

Food Festival

Highlight a particular food, such as chicken, beef or seafood and create a food festival around it. You can also host a food festival that highlights a specific cultural food, such as Mexican or Greek. Get members of the church to cook up their best dishes featuring this particular food as the main component. Charge people admission to sample everyone's dishes. Feature cooking demonstrations and offer tips on healthy cooking and eating habits.

Vehicle Raffle

Give people a chance to win a new vehicle while at the same time helping raise money for the church with a raffle. Get members of the church to sell raffle tickets. The prize can be a new car, or a dependable used car. If you decide to raffle off a used vehicle, have a mechanic check it out to make sure it's free of problems. Announce the winner of the vehicle raffle at the church bazaar. Require that the winners be in attendance to win the vehicle.

Church Calendar

Feature members of the church in a calendar. Pick the theme for the calendar. Feature in the calendar women, men or families that attend the church. Let other members of the church vote on the contestants that have photographed the best. Narrow the field down to the top 12 contestants. These top 12 contestants will make the final cut and appear in the calendar.