Christian Mother Days Gifts for Churches

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Celebrating Mother's Day at church is a special time for the mothers within the congregation. It gives the people of the church the opportunity to recognize all the labor these women of God do for the church and the family. During your Mother's Day program this year, include a gift as a token of your appreciation. This gift can provide an encouragement for the mom on that day and throughout the year.

The Program

While tangible gifts to mothers are a small token of your appreciation, dedicating an allotment of time to recognize these mothers is also a great gift. Discuss with your pastor about the possibility of dedicating the Sunday of Mother's Day to recognizing the mothers within the congregation. During this time, you may present the mothers with the tangible gift that you have purchased for them.


Flowers are a timeless gift for women. Consider giving each woman in the congregation a flower. Freshly cut roses and daisies make a great gift for mothers. The scent and beauty of the flower will brighten their Mother's Day. If you have a smaller congregation, consider purchasing a small bouquet for each mother. Alternatively, you could purchase a small vase to put the single flower in.


Bookmarks, pens, and other novelties with Bible verses on them will be a source of encouragement to the mothers within the congregation. Many Christian bookstores have trinkets like this available specifically for Mother's Day. An item with an encouraging phrase or quote will be something that she can have with her throughout the remainder of the year. Each time she sees that bookmark or uses that pen, she will think of what you have done to make her feel appreciated.


Most all women enjoy the taste of chocolate. It is a classic gift item. Knowing the women within your congregation will help this gift be a success. If you don't know the mothers personally, you may want to choose one of the previous two gifts. There may be mothers within the congregation that are allergic to chocolate, or it gives them headaches. Considering these factors will aid you in purchasing the best Mother's Day gift for the women within your church.