Chicken & Rice Recipe With Cream of Chicken


0:04 I'm Crisco hatsune I'm the author of the

0:07 cookbook food with my friends and I'm

0:09 also a chef here at the Viking Culinary

0:11 Center right now I'm going to share with

0:13 you a easy recipe for cooking with

0:15 Campbell's cream of chicken soup the

0:16 first thing you want to do is take a hot

0:18 pan and add a little bit of olive oil in

0:20 this case 1 to 2 tablespoons next you

0:23 want to add your chicken breast which I

0:25 flattened by placing it between two

0:27 sheets of plastic wrap and you can

0:29 either use a mallet a rolling pin or the

0:31 back of a frying pan but you want to

0:32 flatten them to an even consistency

0:34 place them into the pan and allow the

0:42 breast to ground about 1 to 2 minutes

0:44 per side after your chicken has brown go

0:47 ahead and move them onto a clean plate

0:58 when you finish browning your chicken

1:00 you're ready to begin the sauce simply

1:03 add one can of cream of chicken soup

1:15 two tablespoons of orange marmalade for

1:18 sweetness one tablespoon of mustard one

1:32 cup of cream now stir this all together

1:39 and once it's combined bring the heat

1:41 down the low and return the chicken to

1:43 the pot

1:58 allow the chicken to simmer until it's

2:01 done

2:01 for about four to six minutes then to

2:03 finish it off I like to add some toasted

2:06 slivered almonds I'm Crisco Hatsune and

2:08 we've made chicken with Campbell's cream

2:11 of chicken soup

2:18 you