How to Chat With Women

Chatting with women is easier than you think. Women are naturally chatty both in person and online, in an environment where they feel safe. That is why dating websites are so successful. Women feel safe to chat on dating websites because they have access to information about you. Join one and discover a place where real women, looking for dates, are actually waiting for you to chat with them. Friendly, outgoing women will also start conversations with you.

How to Chat with Women

Join a dating website. Start with a free membership to see if the site is right for you. Then pay the small monthly fee for a real membership. Women will be more likely to chat with you if you have a paid membership. It shows that you are both serious about dating and employed. Wildly popular dating websites you can easily try include JDate and eHarmony.

Create your homepage. Upload at least two flattering pictures. Choose one photo that shows you having fun, doing the things you enjoy. For example, biking, playing with your dog or washing your car. Think handsome for the second photo and solicit an opinion from a friend before you make a final decision. Photos are integral to making women feel comfortable enough to chat with you. Write a straightforward, and inviting bio. Fill in all the information requested by the dating website. Project the image that you are a friendly person with nothing to hide.

Start chatting. Send a message to a woman you want to chat with. Open with a simple "hello." Interested women will immediately reply. Reluctant women may want to take a minute and read your profile first, then reply. If the woman does not respond with a chat message within three to five minutes, try again. Wait and try again another day if you get no reply the second time. Persistence is attractive, stalking is not.

Effortlessly engage in a chat with women by answering the questions they ask you. Keep the chat going by including a question of your own with each answer. For example, "My favorite food is Mexican, how about you?" Remedy lulls in the conversation quickly. Expand on the previous topic. For example: "Have you ever been to Mexico?" or "Do you speak Spanish?"

Search for common ground. Women will feel more comfortable with you when they sense you have things in common. Avoid sensitive topics such as religion and politics. Keep the conversation positive and talk about things you enjoy.