What Can I Do to Give My Wife the Time & Attention She Deserves?

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Being a husband, professional and father among other roles you have in your life requires effective balancing and prioritizing of time. Failure to prioritize your time may lead you to ineffectively execute some or all of these roles, which would only create more havoc in your life. If you want to give your wife the time and attention she deserves, keep this intention as an important focus in your day-to-day life.

Schedule and Prioritize

Creating a reasonable schedule and effectively prioritizing your time gives you more opportunities to spend with your wife. According to the website MindTools.com, prioritization is “a skill that you need to create calmness and space in your life so that you can focus your energy and attention on the things that really matter.” Creating a to-do list can help you organize your days, as can creating a matrix of important versus urgent tasks, which can help you identify what needs to be done immediately and what can wait until a later date. Organizing your professional, household and other tasks will give you a realistic picture of when you will have time to spend with your wife.

Have Date Night

Date night is not simply an idea relegated to a popular movie starring Tina Fey and Steve Carrell but also an activity in which you and your wife should frequently engage. Scheduling recurring time to break free from your hectic schedules to do something to liven up your marriage should be added to your priority list. The editor-in-chief of the marriage website HitchedMag.com, Steve Cooper, writing for “The Huffington Post,” suggests that you continue to woo and court your wife to keep the romance alive in your relationship. Date night can occur as often as you would like – perhaps weekly or monthly – and can include a wide variety of activities, including having dinner at a restaurant, renting a cabin in the woods or going roller skating.


Mort Fertel, author and founder of Marriage Fitness, suggests that you not only talk with your wife about the things that are going well in your marriage but also discuss challenging issues. Fertel notes that the tendency to avoid difficult conversations in your marriage only makes things worse. Also, if your wife wants to discuss something that’s troubling her, she will feel that you are giving her proper attention if you take the time to find out what’s bothering her and attentively listen to what she’s saying.

Stress Management

When you are able to manage your stress levels, you’ll be able to give your wife much-deserved time and attention. If you’re consistently operating under massive levels of stress, it’ll be difficult to give her what you are unable to give to yourself. Manage your stress by consistently practicing healthy self-care techniques, such as eating healthy foods and exercising. The Mayo Clinic suggests you use effective relaxation techniques, such as meditation, Tai Chi, yoga and progressive muscle relaxation to manage stress. Learning to take deep breaths when you feel stress arise is also useful. Taking good care of yourself is imperative if you want to appropriately care for your wife.