Build Your Own Wardrobe

Build a classic wardrobe with clothes that never goes out of style. Start by seeing what you already have in your closet.

Examining your clothing gives you the perfect chance to clean out the clothes you never wear and anything that’s dirty or stained.

You want clothing that fits your lifestyle.

Pick clothing that is basic and of a good quality. It must still look great several years from now. These pieces are known as timeless or classics. A great fitting pair of jeans, a fitted white shirt or a simple black skirt are all examples of classic pieces.

Solid colors like black, brown, tan or even navy blue are the best choices. They can be dressed up or down and fit in with current trends by using a few simple accessories.

The basic wardrobe includes two pairs of pants, two button-up shirts, two T-shirts, a good fitting pair of jeans and a jacket.