Bridal Shower Ideas with Umbrellas

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The umbrella has been long associated with the bridal shower. Traditionally, bridal gifts were placed inside a parasol or umbrella. The umbrella was then closed. When the bride arrived, she was placed beneath the umbrella. The umbrella was then opened and the gifts would "shower" down upon the bride-to be.

Parasol Money

To re-create the tradition of gifts falling from the parasol, attendants of the shower can place small currency, such as one and five dollar bills, inside it. Then when the bride arrives, place her underneath and open the parasol. The bride can use the money toward the wedding or honeymoon.

Food Art

To keep the theme of the parasol or umbrella at the bridal shower, the desserts can be in the same shape. An umbrella cake, sweet umbrella breads, umbrella cookies, umbrella pastries or umbrella chocolates can be served to the guests attending the shower.

A Collectible Parasol

A decorative parasol can be purchased for the bridal shower. Make sure the parasol is made of material that can be easily written on, such as cotton. Then attendants of the bridal shower can sign their names and wish the bride and groom luck on their upcoming life together. Use paint pens that will show up on the color of the parasol. For example, if you are using a white parasol, use a silver or gold paint pen.


Small parasols or umbrellas can serve as decorative centerpieces for each table. Select parasols that match the bridal shower colors so they fit in. If you have trouble standing the parasols, they can be placed into flower pots, secured by soil, with flowers planted around it. These centerpieces can then be given to guests to take home.


Start the theme before the guests even arrive by printing invitations to the bridal shower in the shape of parasols or umbrellas. The invitations can be printed on types of paper such as linen, lace border or card stock. You can also use the colors of the shower or wedding to match the invitations.