Bridal Shower Cocktail Hour Appetizer Ideas

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Appetizers served at a cocktail hour bridal shower should reflect the party’s timing. The cocktail hour is right before dinner, so many guests will feel hungry and up for a somewhat substantial nibble, especially if appetizers are all you’re serving. Bridal shower appetizers don’t have to be fancy, but they do need to be flavorful and thoughtful enough to show that care went into the menu. When it comes to inspiration for the menu, look around the world to gather the best recipes the globe has to offer.

Tangy Russian-Style Appetizers

Use the tangy taste of pickled beets to give your bridal shower appetizers a hint of Russian-style flavor. Layer a large, buttery cracker with thin slices of red apple and a thin slice of pickled beet. Sprinkle the cracker with shredded mozzarella cheese, salt and minced parsley. Bake the crackers just long enough to melt the cheese to create a sweet appetizer with a tangy taste. Dry pickled beet slices with paper towels and layer each one with crumbled feta cheese, chopped walnuts and minced thyme for a slightly nutty snack with a sophisticated flavor.

Creamy Asian-Style Appetizers

Creating Asian-style appetizers can be as easy as adding Asian seasonings to a classic appetizer recipe. Mix a little wasabi paste, mayonnaise, salt, lemon juice and minced green onion into boiled egg yolks and spoon into egg white halves to create Asian-style deviled eggs with a sharp bite. Fry wonton noodles stuffed with shredded crab, cream cheese and a hint of finely minced candied ginger for a creamy and crunchy snack with a slightly sweet flavor.

Herbal Italian-Style Appetizers

Think herbs, tomatoes and cheese when it comes to cocktail appetizers with Italian flair. Spear cherry tomatoes, mini meatballs and mozzarella balls onto toothpicks and serve with marinara sauce to create mini kebabs with a zesty kick. Layer tomato slices, grated Parmesan cheese and sliced prosciutto -- an Italian salted ham -- onto garlic-buttered Italian bread slices for a salty and savory snack.

Spicy Mexican-Style Appetizers

Add a little spice to your bridal shower menu with Mexican-style appetizers. Fill mini tortilla cups with shredded lime chicken, chipotle salsa, guacamole and sour cream to make mini taco salads with a hint of tang. Cut and seed small jalapeno peppers and fill them with a Monterey jack, cream cheese and crumbled bacon mixture. Bake the stuffed jalapeno halves to create creamy appetizers with a kick.

Sweet Caribbean-Style Appetizers

Look to tropical fruits for Caribbean-style appetizers for your cocktail hour bridal shower. Stuff mini egg rolls with shredded chicken, water chestnuts and pineapple salsa for a sweet snack with a tropical twist. Glaze chicken wings with soy sauce, mango juice, lime juice and ground black pepper for a hearty appetizer with a blend of sweet, spicy, tangy and salty flavors.