How to Blow Out Bangs

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Cutting a set of face-framing bangs is one way to change up your hairstyle without taking drastic measures. However, some women fear the fringe and its styling needs. While your bangs will need daily maintenance, blow drying them to smooth, sleek and shiny perfection isn't as tricky as it might seem. Whether your hair is curly, fine or cowlicked, all you need are a few simple styling tools to achieve salon-worthy fringe in just minutes.

Step 1

Wet your bangs. It's crucial that you start with bangs that are completely wet (not just damp) from root to tip, as the second the hair starts to dry, it starts to set. Either blow dry your bangs right out of the shower or spray them down with a water bottle.

Step 2

Using a paddle brush, comb your bangs to one side while simultaneously blow drying the roots from above. Point the nozzle of the dryer down, following your hair shaft. Brush your bangs to the other side and repeat. Keep brushing and drying your bangs from side to side, concentrating the heat on the roots until the roots are completely dry.

Step 3

Collect all of your bangs with the paddle brush, positioning the brush so the back of the paddle lays flat against your forehead. With the hairdryer still held overhead and pointed down the hair shaft, blow dry straight down until the hair is completely dry.