Black History Parade Float Ideas

So your local area wants to celebrate Black History Month, and you have absolutely no idea what kind of float to create. Or to be more precise, you'd like to do something other than feature Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Find a way to decorate your float that will have the crowd cheering.

A Presidential Float

No Black History Month parade would be complete without acknowledging our first African American president, Barack Obama. Decorate the float in American red, white and blue, and have a couple of presidential and first lady lookalikes waving to the audience. A sign on the sides could indicate the date of his election. This is simple, but it sends a powerful statement to the youth of today.

Choose a Theme

Apart from the general theme of the parade, pick a theme within it, such as "African Americans in Medicine," or "African Americans in Math and Science." Find at least three little-known individuals and display at least three important points about their lives on the float. Large pictures will help the viewers link the names and events with the faces.

Things, not People

Tired of focusing on people? Focus on their achievements. Find simple inventions that were created by African Americans and share them with the crowd. Toss out small pencil sharpeners (invented by John Love in 1897) and key chains (invented by F.J. Loudin in 1894). For the kids, toss out hand stamps (invented by Walter B. Purvis in 1883). If you can get these items engraved with the name of the inventor and the date, that would be best, but if not, have signs on the float with this information on it.

Research and Education

Creating a black history float never has to be boring or repetitive. The information is so rich and varied that you never have to create the same thing twice. With a little research and education, you'll have a float that will impress people and teach them at the same time.