Birthday Party Ideas for Adults Games

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The next time you host a birthday party don't forget that games are not just for kids. Adults can play birthday games as well. They might be different than the games you played as a child. Some level of competition should remain, but the social experience of playing games is the key to an adult birthday party selection of games.

I Have Never Done That

The “I Have Never Done That” game will help you realize all the things that have been done in your life and the birthday celebrant's life so far. Players sit in a circle with a bucket in front of them. Each guest brings a roll of $10 in quarters to play with. Each player takes a turn announcing something he has never done during his lifetime. Anyone that has done that activity puts a quarter in the bowl. Turns rotate clockwise around the circle. The last person with a quarter remaining is the winner. He splits the money in the bowl with the host.

Guess the Year

Play a game to determine the birth year of the birthday girl. Give each guest a list of activities that happened during the birthday girl's birth year. Or, you can read the list aloud in front of the guests at the party. Guests take guesses as to what year it was that she was born in. An incorrect guess removes that guest from making any more guesses. The first person to guess the year correctly is the winner.

How Well Do You Know Him

Place photographs of the guest of honor around the party location. These should be from various activities he has done during his life. Number the photographs. Each guest then is given a numbered list and should guess the age of the birthday boy in each of the numbered photographs. The guest that guesses the most ages correctly is the winner. If there is a tie, the guest with the birthday closest to the birthday boy is the winner.


Here is a chance to ask the birthday girl any questions you've ever wanted to know the answer to. Each guest is allowed to write down one question on a piece of paper. The guest of honor then draws questions out and answers them. If she declines to answer a question, the group can choose a challenge or dare for her to complete it instead. She can then choose to accept the dare or answer the question.