Baptism Gift Ideas for Girls

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Family members and close friends often want to give a meaningful gift on the occasion of a baby's baptism. Picking the perfect gift for a girl isn't difficult, because you have a variety of options to choose from. From religious items to personalized gifts to jewelry, you can find something special to commemorate this important day in a little girl's spiritual life. You don't have to break the bank to get a special baptism gift, many of which are reasonably priced. But if you prefer something more substantial, consider a monetary gift or the purchase of a CD or financial instrument in the little girl's name.

Her First Bible

Whether a colorful children's edition or a traditional, leather-bound version, a Bible is a traditional baptism gift. There are hundreds to choose from, some of which are designed and illustrated just for girls. If you're unsure about the family's beliefs, ask the parents which version of the Bible they would prefer for their child. Write a special inscription in the Bible you choose, or have the little girl's name printed in gold letters on the front cover.

Religious Symbols

You might opt to give a religious token for the baby girl's room. If she's baptized in the Catholic church, a delicate or childlike crucifix might be a welcome gift, as would be a rosary of pink and white beads. Choose a silver cross for a girl from a Protestant family, or a framed rendering of a special Bible verse. Another option for children from either church tradition is a sculpted set of praying hands, or a framed print of praying hands with a poem about little girls being special in God's eyes.

Jewelry and Personalized Gifts

Depending on the age of the little girl being baptized, jewelry, such as a small gold or silver cross, may be just the right choice. Put it on a delicate chain as a necklace or on a charm bracelet as a symbol of an important day in her young life. If she has had her ears pierced, you may want to give her a pair of tiny gold cross earrings. Jewelry items can be personalized with the girl's name or the date of her baptism. Other personalized gift options include a silver picture frame or an old-fashioned pewter baby rattle or handled cup, engraved with her name.

Other Gift Options

Baptism gift options are not limited to religious items. If you're artistic or enjoy handicrafts, make a cross-stitch sampler or picture for the little girl's room. Handmade quilts or crocheted blankets are other hand-crafted options. A framed photograph of the baby and her family provides a loving remembrance of the special day. Share your love of books with the child by giving her a hard-bound copy of your favorite illustrated children's book, with a personal inscription from you. And you can never go wrong with a soft, cuddly stuffed animal.