Bachelorette Party Name Tags Ideas

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A bachelorette party is a right of passage for any woman crossing over from single-hood to married life. After all, it's a major life change and deserves celebration. Whether you're planning your own bachelorette festivities or are a family member or bridesmaid throwing the shindig, know that details are everything. One detail to consider is bachelorette party name tags. These come in handy because not everyone will know each other and having the guests names visible can help ease tension and prevent those awkward "what's your name again?" moments.

Premade Tags

If you're low on time or are simply looking for a quick solution to bachelorette party name tags, purchase name tags that are premade. You can use basic name tags from any super store, or for a more bachelorette-themed tag, visit an online bridal or bachelorette store and buy the quantity you need. There are many styles to choose from, including classy, basic, girly, silly and even sexy.

Sexy Route

Bachelorette parties serve as the ultimate moment to get a little raunchy. Play up that theme by making name tags that air a bit on the sexy side. For example, cut out a pair of girly underwear and write guests names on them. Add a bow for a cutesy touch. You can also incorporate condoms or even male member-themed shapes.

Classic Route

If the bride-to-be prefers a classy event, make sure the name tags stick with the theme. If an afternoon tea party is planned, cut out a teacup-shaped tag and have guests write their names as they arrive. Other ideas include wooden squares wrapped in damask cloth or silk or a thick ribbon looped or tied into a bow with enough room to write names on.

Personalized Route

Both guests and the bride will be impressed if bachelorette party details are personalized. An easy way to do this with name tags is to print a few silly pictures of the bride and glue them onto one side of a name tag (leave room for names). You can also incorporate some of the bride's favorite activities. If she's a big fan of horses, use horse or cowboy boot-shaped name tags. If she loves the color orange, make sure to use orange fabrics or materials on the tag.