Bachelorette Party Limo Games

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Renting a limo for a bachelorette party can be an excellent option, as it ensures that all guests arrive at the party at the same time, no one has to pay for parking and everyone can enjoy the beverages without worrying about driving home. The limo ride itself is sure to be a fun experience, particularly if the ride is a longer one, so planning a few limo party games can be a sure-fire way to get everyone ready for the party. A few simple but fun party games will ensure that party is a blast before it even starts.


A game of trivia can be a simple option during the limo ride to and from the venue where the party will take place. Trivia games can be a great choice to keep everyone interested and get all of the guests ready for the party. Other trivia options include a basic game of “How Well Do You Know the Bride?” (or the groom) or just a trivia game that fits the theme of the party or the favorite hobby of the bride. For example, even the staid Trivial Pursuit can provide a range of fun options for a more conservative bachelorette party, from the ’80s Edition to a game themed around entertainment knowledge.

Rating the Guys

A game of rating the gentlemen can also be fun for the limo ride, where you rate men on a scale from one to 10. The ladies in the limo can rate the men they already know or just have fun rating the guys that they pass while driving. Either way, it is a chance for the party guests to enjoy a little girl talk about the opposite sex without the guys around to hear all of the details.

Mad Libs

This is definitely a more adult version of the family game, but it can be fun for the limo ride to and from the party. Bachelorette Party Fun offers the bachelorette version of Mad Libs comes in several choices, from the “Bachelorette Bash” option to the “Party Girl” game. Whatever the choice, guests will likely have a blast as they try to fill in the blank for the game’s questions.

Guess the Toy

This game is definitely grown-up version of the “guess what’s in the bag” game, but for the more daring bachelorette-party planner, this can be an exciting choice. Place individual adult toys in paper bags, and pass them around, having guests reach in and try to identify the item without looking at it. Without a doubt, this one is sure to get the guests talking and laughing. An alternative is just to place typically “male” items—such a wallet, a container of aftershave or something of the sort—in the bag for guests to guess.