Avon Home Party Ideas

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Although Avon began as a perfume company in 1886, it was not named Avon until 1939. Now, Avon can be sold in a number of ways, including door to door, online and through the home party venue. A combination of methods could feasibly be used, but home parties will take some extra planning, starting with whether to set up a permanent area in your own home or to go home to home.

Theme Party Ideas

When flipping through the Avon catalog, you will come up with interesting theme ideas without much effort. Have a pampering party complete with makeovers, perfume samples and bath and body products from the catalog. A clothing and jewelry party is another idea, using products from the company as display items. Feature matched-up items, or even mix and match themes for this purpose.

A gift-giving theme is another idea, where you can combine an assortment of items for women with items for children and men. Create a few gift baskets from each category to serve as cash-and-carry items. For instance, a bath and body gift basket, or a childhood learning basket.


There are two parts to the organization of a home party. Place everything that each customer needs into a folder. Include a pen and your business card, and a couple of randomly chosen perfume or makeup samples to each folder. Add catalogs, sales fliers and order forms. Place a blank sheet of paper in there if it will be needed for a game.

Merchandise organization is another necessity. You may want separate display units, such as tables and shelves, for different items. Other ideas include a table for makeup and jewelry, a clothing rack for things that can easily be hung and shelves for children's items that you would like to showcase.


The hostess for each party should receive a gift in front of her guests for allowing you to throw the party in her home. This gift should be one from the catalog, wrapped nicely, that costs between $10 and $20. An example of a nice gift for the hostess would be one of the foot care collections.

All guests, including the hostess, should be allowed to choose three or four samples of Avon products. This should take place after they have opened their order folders to see what samples they already have. These are thank-you-for-coming gifts.

Bonus gifts are given as incentives to those booking their own parties. After the parties have been booked, hand the new hostesses a gift bag each. Use items from the catalog that cost between $3 and $7, such as their breast cancer awareness pins.