How to Apply Mascara to Make Eyes Look Big

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If you're applying mascara to make your eyes look bigger, you're already on the right track -- this makeup staple increases the contrast between your lashes and your lids, which gives your peepers a more striking look. The key to nailing this doe-eyed contrast lies in giving your lashes the optimum length and thickness, which you can easily achieve if you apply your mascara just right.

Step 1

Choose the right mascara and brush for the job. To create the effect of larger eyes, opt for a lengthening or volumizing formula with a big, bushy brush. Thinner brushes with less bristles create a more spiky effect, but you want thicker lashes for this particular look.

Step 2

Clamp your lashes with an eyelash curler to give them an upward flare. Hold the clamped curler right at the root of your upper lashes for about five seconds, then repeat in the middle of the lashes nearer to the tips. Curled-up lashes allow more of your eyes' white area to shine through.

Step 3

Dip the brush into the mascara, and apply to to the lower side of your upper lashes, gently pulling them straight outward for about three strokes. Start right at the base of the lashes, wiggling your way up. Then, fan the lashes upward and out for another three strokes. Allow the mascara to dry for about ten seconds, and repeat for optimal eye-popping thickness.

Step 4

Hold the brush vertically, and lightly paint each individual lash. This separates and lengthens the lashes, enhancing the wide-eyed look.

Step 5

Pull the brush through the bottom lashes with a wiggling motion to bolster the contrast between the whites of your eyes and the lower lids. This also heightens the smoky-eyed look.