Calories in Banana Bread With Chocolate Chips

banana bread with chocolate

Mariana_Romaniv/iStock/Getty Images

One slice of moist and delicious banana bread with chocolate chips can provide plenty of energy, as well as vitamins and minerals including potassium and vitamin A. Banana bread is not a low-calorie food and small portions are advisable if you are watching your weight.


One slice of homemade chocolate chip banana bread contains anywhere from 86 to 140 calories. However, if you are preparing it at home, the slices you cut will drastically change the calorie count in one slice — so be mindful, especially if you are counting calories, fat and carbohydrate intake.


One slice of chocolate chip banana bread contains three grams of fat, including one gram of saturated fat. Like the calorie content, however, this fat component changes with the size of the slice.


The carbohydrate content in one slice of banana bread contains from 14 to 26 grams, including one to five grams of dietary fiber.


There are one to six grams of protein in one slice of chocolate chip banana bread, according to MyPlate.


The number of calories in one serving of banana bread with chocolate chips will vary depending on the serving size of the bread slice, as we've discussed, as well as the ingredients used, the product brand and spreads used.