How to Make a Soy Protein Shake

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Whether you are a vegetarian seeking additional protein or need an extra boost for a muscle-building workout, a soy protein shake is a healthy way to supplement your diet, hydrate yourself and renew your energy. International Society of Sports Nutrition researchers say protein shakes help you recover from strength and endurance training, according to WebMD. Use fruit to provide healthy vitamins and improve the flavor of soy protein powder, which some enjoy but others find distasteful.

Place fruit that you currently have at home in a blender. You can use frozen or unfrozen fruit, depending on whether or not you want your shake to be chilled and icy. Incorporating fruit in a soy protein shake is a convenient way to use up extra fruit before it spoils.

Add one serving’s worth of soy protein powder, which is usually about two scoops. You can purchase soy protein powder at most grocery and health food stores. The composition of each brand differs slightly, and the package will list the amount needed for one serving.

Pour milk or soy milk into the blender until all ingredients are submerged. If you do not add enough milk, your shake will be too thick and will not blend smoothly.

Blend the mixture on liquefy until no visible chunks remain. Remove the lid and stir. If the mixture is smooth, the soy protein powder is well integrated with the blended fruit and your shake is ready to serve.