The Best Energy-Saver Portable Heaters

Oliver Sved/iStock/Getty Images

With winter looming closer, heating options come to mind. If you have a drafty house, a portable space heater is an excellent option for heating small spaces without driving up your electric bill. According to, space heaters generally range between 10,000 Btu to 40,000 Btu per hour and are commonly heated by electricity, propane, natural gas or kerosene. Many companies now offer energy-saver heaters that can considerably cut down on the amount of money you will spend keeping warm.

Sunbeam Low Profile Heater

Sunbeam has a portable heater that sits low to the ground, almost like a baseboard heater, and features Eco-Smart technology. Heating by convection, this electric heater has a digital thermometer with several temperature settings, a timer, tip-over protection and overheat protection. Easy to use and even easier to place in out of the way areas, this heater becomes energy efficient at the press of a button. The company claims it is ideal for heating medium to large rooms.

Vornado TVH600 Vortex Heater

Vornado has a few portable heating options, with the TVH600 being their top quality product with an Energy Star rating. The company claims it to be more efficient than traditional convection heaters because its fan system allows the heat to circulate through the entire room, rather than just in front of the heater. This heater features an automatic climate control, maintaining a set temperature and eliminating hot and cold cycles. You can set the heater to turn off in one hour intervals for up to nine hours, and you do not have to worry about it tipping over or your child sticking his fingers in the vents. It has tip-over protection, a cool cabin to prevent burns and tight grill veins to keep out small fingers. It also comes with a remote control.

Gaiam Oil-Filled Radiator

The Gaiam company offers an energy efficient, oil-filled radiator that never needs refilling. It utilizes radiant-convection heat as well as the speed of a fan to increase air circulation over a larger area. It even features an additional heating element to warm you up while the oil itself is heating. It maintains a low surface temperature thanks to vertical thermal chimneys to prevent burns. You can also adjust the heat settings as well as use its 96 timer settings to ensure you can leave a room knowing it will turn off when you want. Its wide base prevents tipping and its shape makes it easy to tuck out of the way.

Soleus HGW-308R

Another energy saving option is the Soleus HGW-308R. It is a micathermic heater, which combines radiant and convection heat, that you can mount on your wall if your space is limited. One advantage to micathermic heating is that it does not tend to dry out the air in your house, unlike other types of heat. With an energy saving mode, digital thermostat and remote control operation, you can control the temperature safely and efficiently.