How to Trim Hair on the Back

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Thick, dark hair on the back is known as terminal hair and it can either take up a lot of surface area or it can be patchy. From a functional standpoint, body hair is designed to act as a feeler to the nervous system and it also helps insulate the body. However, when the hair is really dense, people might feel embarrassed. To trim your hair, you will need a few tools and an assistant.

Find an old newspaper that you can throw away. Open it up, unfold it and lay it out flat on the floor. Do this in your bathroom or on a floor surface that is smooth, like wood laminate.

Take off your shirt and stand on the newspaper. Have your assistant plug in a pair of electric hair trimmers and stand right behind you.

Begin the process. Hold still and instruct your assistant to trim your back hair. Have him turn on the clippers and place them against your back near the bottom. Tell him to run the shears up your back in smooth, long motions. He does not need to press the teeth of the clippers into your flesh as this can scrape you. Continue the process until all the hair is removed.

Inspect the work. Stand with your back to a big bathroom mirror while holding a small hand-held mirror in your hand. Gaze into it and look for any areas that might have been missed. Repeat the trimming process with your assistant to remove this hair.

Brush yourself off and clean up the mess. Have your assistant roll up a small towel and brush off your back in all areas where you were trimmed. Tell him to do an additional once-over to see if there is any hair. After it has been removed, fold up the newspaper by its four corners and throw it away. Sweep or vacuum the floor where you had your hair removed to pick up any hair that didn't land on the newspaper.