The Best Men's Thickening Shampoos

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What to Look For

Thickening shampoo, sometimes referred to as volumizing shampoo, helps fine, thin and limp hair look and feel thicker and fuller. Thickening shampoos are unisex, but most men may want to steer clear of a heavily fragranced formula and look for one that has a fresh and clean scent. Look for thickening shampoos that contain high concentrations of protein, B vitamins such as biotin and panthenol, and amino acids. Look for these key ingredients to be close to the to top of the ingredient list, which means there are higher concentrations.

Common Pitfalls

Many men's thickening shampoos also contain high levels of cleansing agents such as sodium lauryl sulfate, which can cause color to fade and can over-dry hair. Thickening shampoos also can contain silicone, which coats and plumps the hair shaft, but can cause build-up and can ultimately weigh hair down. Using a clarifying shampoo once a week can help clear build-up and infuse body into hair.

Where to Buy

Men's thickening shampoos can be purchased at a variety of retail outlets including drugstores such as CVS, grocery stores such as ShopRite, specialty health food stores like Whole Foods and professional salons.


The cost of men's thickening shampoo varies but a typical range for a mass market brand is $5 to $10. It's about $12 to $15 for a specialty natural and organic formula and $17 to $25 and up for a professional salon brand.

Comparison Shopping

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute named Pantene Pro-V Full and Thick shampoo as the best overall thickening shampoo. Pantene Pro-V Full and Thick is a unisex thickening shampoo available at drugstores. A popular male-specific thickening shampoo is Redken for Men Densify Thickening Shampoo, which uses a blend of ceramides to help give hair a full-bodied look. Desert Essence Organics Green Apple & Ginger Shampoo received an outstanding lab score for increasing hair diameter. Ojon Hydrating Thickening Shampoo is a professional formula that is well-received by consumers because it thickens without over-drying hair. Nexxus Diametress, another professional brand, is deemed most thickening by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute.