Different Kinds of Hair Glue

hair glue is commonly used throughout the hair care and beauty industries. Choosing the hair glue that is best for you can be confusing.

Liquid Wig Adhesive

Liquid hair glues, such as Ultra Hold, are acrylic or silicone-based glues used for securing wigs to the hairline. These glues dry in air exposure and offer a semi-permanent hold for up to six weeks. They can be removed with medical-grade alcohol or solvents.

Bonding Glue

Latex-based bonding glues come in a thick liquid that dries into a flexible rubber base with exposure to heat. These glues are best used for bonding wefts into hair for temporary extensions, lasting up to three weeks before removal and reapplication is needed. These glues are oil-sensitive and can be removed with citrus oil or heavy conditioner.

Keratin Polymer Glues

Keratin polymer glues are made with a protein base and come in semi-hard chips. The chips are often attached to hair to create strand-by-strand extensions. Keratin becomes malleable under high heat exposure and solidifies at room temperature. There are several removal agents available for keratin hair glue.


Tapes are used to secure wigs to the scalp and come in varying levels of hold, lasting anywhere from one day to four weeks. Depending on their level of hold, they can simply be peeled away or removed with a solvent.

Hair Styling Glue

Hair styling glue isn't truly a glue, but a strong-hold hair product based on alcohol or wax. Styling glue creates a firm air-dried hold and is water soluble.