How to Remove Keratin Glue

hair texture image by Xavier MARCHANT from

There are several types of glue used to attached hair extensions and one of them is keratin glue. This glue comes pre-applied to the top of the hair extensions in a solid form. The extensions are applied by placing them onto the natural hair and melting the keratin glue using a hot iron. To remove the hair extensions, you must apply a solvent to the keratin glue, which breaks it down and causes it to release from the natural hair.

Comb the hair over the top of the head so that you can easily access the top of the hair extension where it is attached. The attachment location looks like a 1/4-inch long piece of clear plastic near the scalp.

Pick up one of the hair extensions in your hand and position the area of keratin glue on top of your fingertips.

Use your other hand to apply 1/8 tsp. of acetone to the dried keratin glue.

Place a pair of rigid pliers around the hair extension and squeeze them gently to break up the keratin glue. Do not squeeze the handles of the pliers all the way together. You only need to squeeze them hard enough to crack the surface of the glue.

Rotate the hair extension clockwise 1/4 of a turn and apply the pliers again to crack the keratin glue. Continue doing this until you have squeezed each side of the hair extension. At this point, you will notice the keratin glue releasing from the hair.

Twist the area of the keratin glue with your fingertips to release it from the hair and pull downward gently on the hair extension to remove it.