Synthetic Hair Vs. Kanekalon Hair

Image by, courtesy of Thomas

Synthetic hair can enhance the locks you already possess or overhaul your appearance for an entirely new look. Fake hair comes in a variety of colors ranging from natural shades to those not found in nature. Synthetic hair also comes in a variety of textures for easy blending and styling.


Synthetic hair is a broad term used to describe hair extension material that isn't made of a natural fiber. Kanekalon, monofilament, polypropelene and toyokalon are specific types of synthetic hair.


Synthetic hair is made from artificial materials. It will often have a feel similar to plastic.


kanekalon hair can be styled with heating implements such as steam, hair dryers and curling irons. When styled, kanekalon will not lose its shape. Other synthetic fibers cannot be styled in this manner.


According to the website Doctored Locks, kanekalon hair is considered a higher quality synthetic fiber than other materials available for hairpieces.


All varieties of synthetic hair will melt if too much direct heat is applied to it while styling.