How to Remove the Glue From a Weave

Hair extensions offer a way for you to make your own hair appear thicker and longer. Gluing them in ensures a quick way to "grow" your hair, with the option to remove whenever. The glue is strong enough to hold the weave to your scalp, which is why the glue sometimes remains in both your scalp and the track of the extension. There are ways to safely remove the glue without jeopardizing hair loss or losing the integrity of the weave.

Removing Glue From a Weave Off Your Scalp

Massage olive oil in to your scalp targeting spots where the glue is condensed.

Allow the oil to soak into the scalp for about an hour. This will soften the hold of the glue, loosening it from the scalp.

Rinse your hair.

Apply conditioner, coating the scalp. Leave the conditioner on the hair and begin to comb the hair making sure to drag the comb across sections of the scalp where the glue is. The teeth of the comb should be gently pulling at the glue, hard enough to separate it, but soft enough as to not pull the hair from the root.

Continue to comb out the glue from the scalp and them combing out the strands so that the glue becomes removed. You may need to continue to condition the scalp and comb until completely removed. Rinse out completely.

Removing Glue From the Actual Weave Track

Apply oil to the track where excessive glue has built up. Allow this to set over night, or at least an hour, to allow the moisture to break up the glue.

Pull at the glue with the teeth or end pick of the comb. Scrape the moistened glue with the points of the comb, pushing the loose glue away from the track.

Add more oil or conditioner to the weave track where the glue is. You may need to add water to the weave as well, to dampen the glue and encourage the conditioner and oil to separate it.

Comb out the glue from the track, scraping the glue and removing clumps.

Wash the weave and re-do until all glue is removed from track.