What Brands of Ice Cream Are Gluten Free?

ice cream image by Murar Gianino Sorin from Fotolia.com

If you are allergic to gluten--a protein found in wheat, barley, rye, oats, kamut and spelt--you're probably looking for ways to enjoy ice cream at home, as well as with your family and friends at ice cream shops. Several large companies prepare ice cream and ice cream toppings without the use of gluten. However, although some ice cream retail stores offer gluten-free products, you should always alert the workers in these stores to your allergy, and ask them to prepare your ice cream away from gluten-containing products.

Carvel Ice Cream

Carvel Ice Cream, the first retail ice cream franchise in the United States, has over 500 retail stores across the country, and several franchises in foreign countries including Puerto Rico and South Africa. Carvel Ice Cream also sells ice cream cakes in numerous grocery stores. According to the company's website, Carvel makes several gluten-free soft ice cream flavors, including chocolate, mint, vanilla and maple. The company also uses numerous gluten-free toppings such as diced peaches, black raspberry puree, marshmallow topping, chocolate chips and maraschino cherries in its cakes and ice cream. However, two of Carvel's popular ice cream and cake toppings, crunchies and sprinkles, are not gluten-free. Therefore, you must specifically ask for them to be left off of your ice cream or cake to avoid a reaction to the gluten.

Carvel Ice Cream 200 Glenridge Point Parkway Suite #200 Atlanta, GA 30342 (404) 255-3250 carvel.com

Skinny Cow

Skinny Cow ice cream products are sold in retail grocery and drug stores in the United States, and in Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom. The company specializes in low-calorie and low-fat frozen snacks. According to Skinny Cow's official website, the company's fudge bars and mini fudge pops are gluten-free.

Skinny Cow Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream Consumer Relations Department 5929 College Ave. Oakland, CA 94618 (877) 437-3937 skinnycow.com

Coldstone Creamery

Coldstone Creamery has over 1,400 franchise retail stores in the United States, and foreign countries such as Indonesia, Denmark and South Korea. Coldstone prepares numerous gluten-free ice cream flavors, including banana, amaretto, candy cane, mango and white chocolate, according to the company's website. The company also makes gluten-free watermelon, lemon and orange-pineapple sorbet, as well as plain and berry-flavored yogurt. Coldstone Creamery's gluten-free toppings include gummi bears, chocolate shavings, toasted coconut and peanut butter.

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