Best Hairstyles for Thick, Curly Hair

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Your thick, curly hair can seem like a blessing or a curse, depending on the hairstyle. Hairdressers at Hair Finder advise people with thick, curly hair to try cuts that aim to minimize the volume. Curls can be reduced with straighteners and permanent processing treatments, but there are other options for finding the best hairstyles for a massive curly mane.

Take a Short Cut

Short cuts can work well for thick, curly hair. Thick hair is heavy, and the longer it is, the more weighed down and unmanageable it can become. A short haircut should follow the natural pattern of the curls so styling is easy and requires little or no work. Your short style can be shaped around the face or cut at an angle to give it more movement. If you decide to keep your thick curls short, plan to visit the hairdresser at least every four to five weeks. Styling products, such as mousse or gel, on the ends can help keep down the frizz. Avoid hairdryers whenever possible to avoiding frizzing and drying, as well.

Medium Well

If you like your thick, curly hair somewhere between short and long, avoid bangs unless they are very short to the scalp. Medium length hair looks best when it's all the same length. Your hairdresser may try to thin out thick hair by cutting shorter layers into the style instead of using thinning shears. While clips and combs may help create diversity in a style, medium length hair usually works best in its most natural shape. You can use small barrettes to pull the hair off your face occasionally, and headbands provide another look. Gel and scrunching sprays tighten the ends of the curls and separate the curly strands.

A Long Story

Long natural hair lets you try different styles. Be creative, and avoid the trap of just letting it hang or putting it up in a ponytail day after day. Good-quality clips and combs will stand up to your thick hair and allow dozens of hairstyle opportunities. Pieces of hair can be pulled back in dramatic styles, and side pieces can be pulled back to show off the details of the clips. Ragged edges on combs should be filed down so they don't damage hair follicles, which can lead to split ends. Twists and French braids are easier to do on long hair and can be arranged on different parts of your head for variety. Try leaving tendrils hanging instead of tying up all your hair in braids. Half up and half down hairstyles are always in vogue.